We Are Recovery Plus for Women

A Long-term Mental Health and Substance Recovery Program

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Recovery Plus for Women

Are you sick and tired, of being sick...and tired?

If so, there's HOPE! Recovery Plus is a Mental Health and Substance Recovery Program located in Kentucky. We are a faith based, long-term treatment and transitional living program for adult women with Depression, PTSD, and Bipolar disorder; or some other chronic mental illnesses who keep running back to addiction as a clutch. If you want a place where you can focus on your spirit, soul, and body and get intensive treatment for mental illness/substance issues, with the intention to rebuild your life, and live independently again, we are the place for you. Our professional treatment team consist of Licensed Therapists, Medication Providers, Peer Specialists, and Case Managers to surround you with a care team to win over the struggle you have been wrestling with for some time.


Mental Health Rehabilitation

Responsible Care

Inpatient Drug Abuse Treatment

Rehabilitation Groups

Confidential and Comprehensive

One on One Feedback

Substance Treatment

A 12-STEP Program


If nothing changes, nothing changes.

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Focus on becoming the best you.

We offer various lengths of stay from 90 minimal up to a year. The first 90 days of treatment also know as Phase 1 ladies are focuses on intensive treatment services, vocational and/or educational recovery. Phase 2 is the transitional living phase of the program where clients move into step down housing and begin working, saving money, and gaining your life back. However, you are still supported by your treatment team and Peer Specialist. Lastly, Phase 3 is the aftercare phase of the program, where we help you obtain your own housing, while you continue to work and manage your mental health and substance recovery with less assistance. These step down phase designs are a soft transition back to the real world for women who have struggle for years with co-occurring mental health issues.


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